Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wild Bill

Just watched Wild Bill starring Jeff Bridges, Ellen Barkin, David Arkequette and others.

This was a pretty good movie. I tend to like films that turn genre's on their head and there's hardly a more entrenched American film genre than the western. So from that perspective this movie is enjoyable. The hero dies (no spoiler here as the film opens on his funeral) and the least macho character kills him.

But on the other hand the movie worked too hard to be independent. The story of the last few days of WBH were told with an insufferable number of flashbacks. And they were filmed in this really annoying black and white. Not normal black and white which is actually a lot of greys with some really interesting lighting; no this was black and white. The memory shots were stark and washed out and usually at extreme angles so you lost the story as you cocked your head trying to see the characters.

Nevertheless, Jeff Bridges carried out a perfectly lovely performance that manages to seep through the overly arty direction. The supporting cast did their job but no one was notable. Arquette might have been at the time, playing a simp so perfectly, but since we've learned by now that that's just his character then it isn't all than interesting.

So, see this movie if you like JB or if you soak everything remotely associate with the western genre. Otherwise, don't bother.

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