Thursday, January 26, 2006

My new blog about web traffic web marketing and affiliate marketing programs blog

I’ve started another blog - Not Another Guru. It’s not just because Bryce On Bryce has absolutely no clear focus – which I realize it doesn’t – but because I quit my job. Not that anybody would really care that I quit my job but the “why” should prove informative to those interested in affiliate marketing programs or any sort of web internet marketing.

For a while now I’ve been developing my little empire on the web. Internet marketing finally made enough for me to turn in my two weeks notice back in November and now I know that I’ll never have to go back.

Though I read a lot of information on affiliate marketing programs and studied all of their promises I never found the perfect web marketing tool. Even the top affiliate programs failed in one area: web traffic. Web marketing is about two things – something to sell (affiliate marketing programs take care of that) and driving traffic to your site.

And that’s really the biggest problem: web traffic. Web marketing successfully requires that you have some way to drive traffic. There are really two ways to do that – pay for it or optimize your site. Site optimization isn’t really free. You either have to take the time to learn how to do it yourself and then do it, or you have to pay someone else. Paid traffic is almost instant but it creates a potentially crippling overhead that most web site marketing companies can’t handle.

But I’ve managed some success on the web. Internet marketing has finally paid off and I want to share my success with anyone that wants to hear about it. Naturally I’m selling a web marketing tool or two and I’ve posted some Adsense ads on the blog but then that’s what I do now!

So, enjoy Not Another Guru. I hope that you learn something about web affiliate program management and web online marketing in general. Please post comments and questions and I’ll address them as quickly as possible.

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