Friday, March 14, 2008

This Is Not Spam

I just had to request a human review of this blog because Google has determined that it has the characteristics of splog.

OK, so I haven't really maintained much of a coherent thread through my little blog's bumpy existence and I only post infrequently but spam? Really?

Let's review - all unique content, one measely little line of Adsense links apologeticly garnishing the top, a few pitiful links and that's about it. What's spammy about that? If this reads like I'm offended; I'm not. I'm just puzzled.

I'd Rather Beat Dairy Queen

This is what I read on a passing car. The bumper sticker actually read, using the company's logo, "I'd rather be at Dairy Queen." But "be" and "at" were oddly squished together and even when I realized how it was meant to be read it still looked like "I'd rather beat Dairy Queen" and I have to admit that I really prefer that version. I mean, what the hell's up with soft-serve anyway?