Friday, April 04, 2008

Sins of the Brother

At a recent football game Tim Cahill scored a goal. As part of his post goal celebration he crossed his outstretched fists in an international pantomime for handcuffs. Later he apologized for it.


Here’s the back story. His brother Sean is in a bit of trouble. He managed to land himself in jail with a six year sentence. Tim wanted to dedicate the goal to Sean and this is how he chose to do it. That should have been the end of that.

But no. The cop who investigated Sean’s crime isn’t content to have caught him and put him away. He doesn’t want any public acknowledgement of the fact that Tim has a jailed brother. It is “grossly irresponsible” and “seemingly endorses” Sean’s actions.

You already won, officer! Sean’s behind bars. How about you move on to your next case and stop calling the press as you try to coattail on the coincidentally public personality of your latest conquest?

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