Saturday, May 31, 2008

My note to Hillary

Not that she's going to listen but here's the note that I sent to Hillary today. Why?

It is absolutely disgraceful what you are doing to the Democratic party and our chance to defeat McCain this autumn. Stop fighting over Michigan and Florida and let us have a nominee! I have never been an adamant supporter of either you or Obama but the more that you fight this embarrassing and harmful battle the less I will be able to support you should you get the nomination

But worse, you are polarizing the party and hardening your supporters to the point that they are increasingly saying they will not support Obama if he gets the nomination.

PLEASE, accept the party's ruling today and let us have a nominee already! We must start fighting McCain NOW and the longer that you drag this in-party fighting out the harder it will be for ANY Democrat to win this autumn.

Please, Hilllary, Please! It's up to you!!! Stop the fighting!

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