Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mom! The Senator Keeps Looking at Me! Make Him Stop!

Ah, I'm just bursting with pride over my state Senator, Jason Crowell, this morning. He is certainly keeping his fellow Senators in line which, most certainly, should be a top priority.

According to, he has been insisting that another Senator not look at him during debates. The way that this works out is that Senator David Pearce, who sits in front of our hero, tends to turn toward Crowell when addressing his attacks.

Senate rules require that Senators address their comments to the chair and not fellow Senators.

Apparently Crowell is confused by the English language and insists that one should always face the party being addressed. This way he won't have to be bothered with figuring out to whom the speaker in talking. It seems that it's not enough for Crowell that Senators address the chair, they must also face it while doing so. I wonder if when he calls people on the phone Crowell figures out where they are and physically turns in their direction while insisting that they do the same.

Anyway, it's a proud day for Cape Girardeau residents. Crowell is doin' us proud!

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