Sunday, October 14, 2007

Miller Staring Down the Catholics

I haven't posted on this blog in a long time. I devote most of my blogging energy to and since I'm paid to write there. As a result I keep an eye on beer related headlines and when I saw Miller, the Jesus-Mocking Beer I had to read it.

Now, you take a moment to read it because I don't much feel like summarizing it.

OK, got it?

Yes, actually, anything for a buck is exactly the point. Apparently some people with alternative lifestyles like to drink beer - even if it is flavorless piss-water - so why shouldn't Miller be allowed to market to them? The author implies that the idea of anything for a buck somehow makes Miller morally reprehensible. But when corporations ship jobs overseas, rape the middle class, sell poisoned food, use virtual slave labor in third world countries, and basically behave like sociopath leaches on society this same excuse that they much first be concerned with the bottom line is embraced by the right wing.

I'm lumping Mr. Bozell III in with them not because I have any evidence that he espouses their views but because, as he states within this piece, he sits on that Advisory Board of the Catholic League and that's enough for me to lump all of those narrow-minded hate merchants together.

And one more thing, Mr. the third, should stop adding the Roman numerals to his name. It's just stupid.

Miller has every right to advertise to whomever the hell it wants. You go ahead with your little boycott but remember this. It was the folks on your side of the fence that have spent the last 150 creating an environment the allows and encourages corporations to run roughshod over the land and its people. You shouldn't act so surprised when these creations of yours don't embrace your narrow interpretation of values.

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