Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Email to Senator Claire McCaskill

This blog appears to be just a recounting of the emails I send to Washington. Here's my latest:


First I want to say thanks for your early support of Barack Obama. Second I want to say that it's good to have at least one Democratic representative in Washington. Things can feel a little cold for the few lone lefties here in Cape Girardeau and with Emerson and Bond as my other elected leaders I often feel like my interests are not being represented.

But that's not why I'm contacting you.

I don't know the rules that dictate this sort of thing but I would very much like to see Harry Reid removed as the Senate Majority leader. I understand that the Democrats are dealing with the thinnest of majorities but he has squandered even that by bowing to the Republicans at every threat of a filibuster. The idea that we need a "filibuster proof majority" in order to get anything done is just ridiculous.

When the Republicans were in power the merest hint of a Democratic filibuster led to their threat of the "nuclear option" of changing the rules to disallow any filibusters. Reid could learn something from their tactics.

I'm certainly not suggesting that we adopt their barbaric behavior. But imagine the political theater if Reid had actually made them filibuster every time they threatened to do so. Instead of seeing the Democratic congress as useless and ineffective as many Americans seem to the Republicans' obstructionism would be clear to all by now.

For this reason and others I and many other interested liberals are supremely disappointed with Reid's leadership. I request that you and the other Democrats in the Senate replace him as leader as soon as possible.

I have the feeling that anyone of Senate Democrats would do a much better job but Hillary Clinton seems like a particularly good choose. She is smart, knows the system and has the spine that Harry Reid seems to lack.

Bryce Eddings

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